Applying funds to relevant schools, pupils, qualified and voluntary teachers in the area of Zambia VSIP-Zambia will be operating in.

Identifying the infrastructure, material and logistical needs of individual schools and attending to such needs. Granting financial sponsorship and material support to disadvantaged, poor, orphaned and gifted pupils.

Providing mentoring, training and financial support to voluntary teachers to enable them to qualify in their profession.

Providing mentoring, training to further enhance the qualifications and skills of professional teachers.


Your donation can change this  teaching area into this 3 classroom unit

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Our £20,000 Target

We need your help. Your dontion no matter how big or small goes a long way to improving schools and providing these children better lives.

Just £10 can change a girls life. She will be able

to go to school and have a future. Just £10 can

make this difference.