Artisit: John Ngongo-Nduna

John is 47 years old, married with 4 children. They live outside Livingstone. Taught to paint by his Uncle, he has been painting for 18 years, specializing in oilsHis subjects are mostly women in various activities such as pounding meal, carrying water in pots on their heads. When I asked him why he seemed to concentrate on painting women. He replied that in the village in which he grew up, it was headed by a woman. He developed a very great respect for women as they contributed so much to the smooth operation of village life.Visitors from the US are among his many customers, who fall in love with his painting style, use of colours and subject matter.

3 Women Red

SKU: PJ0052
  • Size: 20cm x 29cm - 8 inch x 12 inch     

    Medium: Oil                   

    Artist: John

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