Artisit: Shadreck Siamate

Shadreck is 38 years old and married with 4 children. He is a natural artist never having studied painting but rather, self-taught. Developing his distinct style by trial and error. The market being his guide to style, subject matter and colour.His interpretation of animal features and colour makes his painting so distinct He has been painting for 12 years. Like the other artists, his works travel to far corners of the world. Customers return annually to add to their ‘Shadreck’ art collection.

Multi colour elephant and baby

SKU: PS0044
  • Now available in mounted print 66cm x 78cm x 31.2cm -  £98


    Size: 56.5cm x 82cm - 22inch x 32 1/4inch

    Medium: Acrylic                   

    Artist: Shadreck

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